✨✨Shall we get to know each other better?✨ We would like to share with you the story of the creation of our circus🎪. One day in 1997, in Ukraine🇺🇦, several friends who studied at the Academy of Variety and Circus Arts🤹‍♂️ decided to combine their knowledge, creativity, and desire to create magic. This is how "CIRCO BRAVO LDA" was born. Throughout our journey, we went through several stages of development. In Ukraine, we had 3 circus tents, with which we toured not only our country but also delighted all of Eastern Europe with our performances. At that time, we were called Circo "Cruzeiro". (YouTube Circo "Cruzeiro"). The next stage was the big stage: Sports Palaces, Culture Palaces, and Coliseums; we conquered all these over the years of work. We created and performed with the original program "Fast and Furious Talents". (YouTube "Veloces y Furiosos Talentos"), we gained a lot of experience and realized that we were moving in the right direction. Then we created a different program called "Magic Show".
 (YouTube "Magic Show"), we could perform on any stage. Circus art is in our blood, so we work tirelessly: our shows are known all over Ukraine, we visited many countries, hundreds of cities, and held thousands of performances.
But in February 2022, when the Russian Federation launched a full-scale attack on the territory of Ukraine, the aggressor country destroyed and looted most of what we had valued for more than 20 years. Despite everything, we are confident that our experience is undeniable, so we did not give up and gradually began to recover.
That was when our third stage began. We changed not only the concept but also the name and began to call ourselves Circo Bravo, starting to perform again with a new program that includes a water show.
First, it was Poland. We knew that success awaited us in the future. United, we boldly implemented all our plans, and now we are the first circus in Portugal🇵🇹 that combines circus art with an unforgettable water effects show.
From Portugal, we traveled to Spain, and now, for the sake of our audience, we are heading to Bulgaria's Sunny Beach for only 3 months.
Thank you for being part of our journey!💞🎉 #CircoOnTour #DespedidaEspaña #BienvenidosBulgaria 🎪🇪🇸➡️🇧🇬